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Veneers in Virginia Beach

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Veneers are a terrific cosmetic solution for permanently stained, chipped, discolored, misaligned teeth, or even to revitalize old crown and bridgework. During your first visit we will take a mold of your teeth then on your second visit we will check your veneers for fit and attach them. There are no shots, no drilling and no pain. Thin veneers are placed over existing teeth without requiring painful removal of sensitive tooth structure. They are painless because they do not require removal of painful tooth structure. Dr. Christopher King will apply thin veneers or smile shapers to your teeth without any grinding or shaving, transforming misshapen, worn teeth. Veneers can even be placed on porcelain bridgework and crowns with the new Revitalize Kit available from your dentist. Veneers are thin attachments that can improve the look and strength of your teeth.

Since every mouth is different it is impossible to quote price online. The cost of veneers is determined during your first visit.

Like most elective procedures, veneers are typically not covered by most dental insurance carriers. Payment plans are usually available. We accept all insurance and most credit cards.

No interest payment plans and extended payment plans are available through Care Credit.

Veneers offer the benefit of smiling with confidence a feeling that cannot be measured.