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3D Printed Crowns in Virginia Beach

The latest in dental restorations are now made using 3D PRINTING technology. Once the fractured or decayed tooth is prepared it is scanned in the mouth using an intra oral camera. The scanned image is stored on a computer and either milled chair side, or sent digitally to a lab for manufacture. The crowns are made from a revolutionary material called ZIRCONIA. ZIRCONIA comes in solid block form and is literally milled with a 3D "lathe". ZIRCONIA is super strong, even stronger than a traditional porcelain fused to metal crown (PFM). Since the ZIRCONIA crowns are manufactured by a computer there are fewer steps and less chance for human error. Lab turnaround is shorter, therefore, you get your crown sooner. ZIRCONIA crowns are much more resistant to chipping and fracturing than standard PFM crowns. ZIRCONIA crowns have NO METAL in them so they are less sensitive to cold temperatures. The crowns fit much more precisely, with less marginal leakage, than a traditional PFM crown. ZIRCONIA crowns are not as costly as standard PFM crowns because there is minimal human labor involved. This savings is passed on to you, the patient. Since the crowns are scanned, in most instances, NO IMPRESSIONS are needed. This is great if you GAG easily. To find out detailed information please contact our office and ask for one of our highly trained dental assistants.