Denture Post-Op Instructions

  • Rinse denture before putting in your mouth in the morning

  • Take denture out of mouth before going to bed. Place in denture case. (If denture has white liner in it wrap with WET paper towel and place in case)

  • Denture needs to be cleaned after taking out of your mouth. Wash with antibacterial hand soap, water and denture brush (NO toothpaste)

  • You may need adhesive to keep your denture in, place 4 dots of adhesive in denture one on palate, one on both sides where molars are and one where front teeth are. (If you had teeth extracted before denture was delivered place adhesive just in palate until extraction sites have healed)

  • When eating with denture you need to eat on both sides to prevent rocking to one side or the other.

  • REMEMBER the denture is ONE solid tooth, you may not be able to eat things the same way you use too.