Crown Post-Op Instructions

Today a tooth was prepared for a crown. The tooth was lightly sanded down, a digital scan of the prepared tooth was taken and sent to a laboratory where a new, custom tooth will be made. A temporary crown, made from acrylic was placed on the prepared tooth to protect it while the real crown is being made.

The tooth may be sensitive. The gum will be tender and sore and can take time to heal properly. Cold sensitivity is okay as long as it goes away quickly.


  1. If you cannot bite or chew on the tooth either while the temporary crown or the real crown is in place, the crown may need to be adjusted.
  2. There is any swelling of the gum and / or your face.
  3. The temporary crown comes off.  In the meantime, you can place petroleum jelly inside the temporary and place it back on the tooth.


  • Use a warm saltwater rinse (1/4 tablespoon salt; 8 ounces water). This solution can make the tooth and gum area feel better after treatment.
  • Jaw muscles may become stiff. Heating with a warm compress and stretching of the mouth (slow opening and closing) is advised.


  • Do not brush around the temporary crown area for 3 days after preparation. This will allow adequate healing to take place.
  • Do not floss the temporary crown! It will come off. Once the permanent crown is in place, normal flossing can be performed.
  • Do not eat anything sticky or anything hard on the temporary. Use good judgement here.