Cosmetic dentistry encompasses treatments which employ methods of dental care that are centered on enhancing the appearance of the mouth, which includes the teeth and your smile. The industry itself was responsible for generating total revenue of four billion dollars in 2018 alone. The growing population is also expected to increase demand and further expand the growth of the industry. Cosmetic dentistry has gained much popularity over the years, partly because of the increasing number of celebrities advocating for these treatments all over the world. Celebrities wear bright smiles as an acce... read more

If you have been in the dark about Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) so far, you’re not alone. Not many people are familiar with this fairly uncommon disorder. Twelve percent of the United States population has been a victim of this disorder. Research shows that women are more likely to be diagnosed with this disorder than men. What is TMD? This disorder affects the Temporomandibular Joint which is the jaw joint. The two joints work in as a pair and are in front of each ear. This joint connects the jaw to the skull. Injury or damage sustained to this joint can lead to a localized pain disorde... read more

A bright smile is a timeless investment that never goes out of style. Investing in oral hygiene and dental care pays off when you stand out in the crowd. It’s normal for teeth to start staining or yellowing over time, especially if you smoke regularly or drink a lot of coffee. This may not come as a surprise but teeth whitening is s $3.2 billion global industry. One way to combat the unattractiveness of yellow teeth is through teeth whitening procedures done by a professional dentist. It’s always better to opt for professional teeth whitening treatments because they are safer to administer an... read more

When Hollywood celebrities walk on the red carpet, they look like the epitome of perfection; everything from head to toe is matches seamlessly. Have you ever thought about why they always look stunning? Sure, there’s hours of preparation and a dedicated team of professionals to do their hair and make-up and some of them even follow strict diet routine before a mega event but there’s one thing that’s always so visible: their smile that brings the entire look together! How do they have such flawless smiles, every single time? Veneers are the secret behind their perfect smile ! If they can get i... read more

Losing your teeth can shake your confidence especially if you’re missing one of the front teeth. It affects your confidence and restricts you from enjoying your life. A study found that tooth loss can also lead to depression. Dental implants provide a viable alternative to outdated bridges and dentures and provide a long-term tooth replacement option and help you regain your confidence. Here’s what experts tell you about dental implants so you can decide if they’re a good option for you. They give you replacement teeth that are just like your natural teeth Dental implants are artificial tooth... read more