Most children develop thumb or finger sucking habits during early childhood as a means to soothe themselves. The jury is still out on whether it’s learned behavior or comes to them naturally, but it does make them feel more secure. It also helps them connect with and learn about the environment they are in. However, after a certain age, when permanent teeth come in , excessive and vigorous sucking on the thumb, finger or a pacifier, can impact the alignment of teeth. The shape of the jaw as well as the roof of the mouth can be impacted as well. Moreover, the more prolonged the habit is, the m... read more

Most pregnant mothers don’t realize the importance of dental care during pregnancy. In fact, due to hormonal changes, your dental health needs extra attention. When it comes to the baby’s dental care, it’s important to pay attention to it even before the first teeth come in. Babies are born with the first set of teeth hidden under the gums. The front teeth are the first to start sprouting when the baby is around 6-12 months . It can take up to three years before all the milk teeth are in. Ensuring the health of baby teeth is important because they will eventually make way for permanent teeth ... read more

Taking care of dentures is super important because they serve a vital function for you. If you wear dentures, maintaining them is part of oral care for you. To ensure your oral health is optimal, follow these dos and don’ts of denture maintenance: DO take them out before you sleep Try not to go to bed with your dentures in as both your mouth and the dentures, need a break. In fact, give your dentures a six hour break during the day. You can do this while you sleep or also when you’re engaged in activities that don’t require you to wear them. Doing so will help the tissues recover. DO clean yo... read more

As a parent, you may have faced resistance from your children about getting braces. They fear being made fun of and called names like “metalhead” and that’s completely understandable. Invisalign treatment consists of a series of clear plastic trays developed and customized for your children’s teeth using 3D technology. With Invisalign, your child won’t have to worry about being called silly names as they’re not noticeable until someone takes a closer look. There are still some concerns which may come to your mind if you’re a parent. In this blog, we’re going to talk about whether it’s a good ... read more

A big part of maintaining your oral health, almost integral to it, is to clean your mouth regularly! Bacteria in the mouth can cause a lot of infections and not to mention, bad breath. With either of these conditions, you’re not going to be able to gel well in society. According to celebrity dentist, Dr. Mehmet Oz, brushing your teeth routinely and, doing it the right way is super important towards maintaining proper oral health. Moreover, it is beneficial to help ward off periodontal disease and to fight cavity-causing bacteria . While the answer to this question has been addressed quite str... read more