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Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System

When it comes to oral procedures that involve the use of anesthesia, many patients find themselves apprehensive. Horror stories float around of anesthesia injections taking too long to kick in or feeling unpleasant. For many patients, receiving shots at the dentist is a source of great fear or anxiety. Localized anesthetic is necessary for a number of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures. However, the traditional method of delivery – multiple shots – can create its own discomfort and may even increase anxiety in people prone to dental phobia. At the dental practice of Christopher King, DDS, we care about your comfort, which is why we are pleased to utilize the Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System. This anesthetic system uses your body’s natural buffering process to make your shot virtually pain-free, as well as help the anesthesia work faster and last longer.


What is the Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System?

New Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System is a buffering and delivery system that raises the pH of the injected solution from approximately 3.5-3.9 to an effective pH neutral range, similar to that naturally found in the body by combining lidocaine and sodium bicarbonate. The buffering and delivery system reduce onset time for profound local anesthesia and increase its predictability.

What is Buffering?

Buffering is a chemical process that neutralizes acids and bases. Your body can buffer on its own, but it can take some time. The typical anesthetic used in dental imjections is extrimely acidic. It is more acidic than a lime or lemon. It is that high level of acidity that causes the majority of the sting and burn when injected. In addition, not everyone's body is able to quickly process ( buffer) the anesthetic. Some people require multiple injections, and it takes twenty minutes to get numb. With buffering, we change the pH (or acidity level) of the local anesthetic to bring it closer to your body’s natural pH. This helps reduce the time you will wait in the chair while simultaneously providing a more comfortable experience.


With the Anutra system, precisely measured doses of lidocaine is sent to a buffering unit via a patented dispenser. Once buffered, the neutralized solution is administered with Anutra’s specially designed syringe in a single dose, eliminating the pain and anxiety that can be caused by multiple needle pokes. Optimized in diameter and length, this syringe provides Dr King with increased control over needle depth, working synergistically to enhance guest experience.

As dentistry continues to evolve, new systems become available that dentists adapt to and incorporate into their workflows, and Dr King sees Anutra’s delivery system as one that is setting a standard.This is a benefit for both the patient and the dentist.The whole workflow changes - the patient is numb within seconds. Not only does this cut down on the waiting time for the dentist, but it also reduces the anxiety level of the patient. 

For reference visit http://anutramedical.com/