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ICON - fillings without the drill

Introducing ICON  -  the revolutionary, pain-free treatment of incipient caries and white spot lesions without drilling!


ICON can be used to treat the onset of early cavities both between teeth as well as on the "smooth surfaces" Until now, dental professionals had only two options for treating caries: fluoride and other remineralization therapies, and "drill and fill" approach. Flouride therapiy is not always effective in advanced stages. Filling almost always sacrifices a significant amount of healthy tooth structure. 



The treatment method for "resin infiltration" with ICON system works during the initial stages of cavities. If cavities detected at an early stages, they can be treated using ICON without drilling and anesthesia. However, ICON cannot be used in cases of advanced decay - traditional filling with a drill would be required.  Regular dental check-ups are required to detect small cavities before it progresses. ICON is suitable when X-ray findings showed mild lesion progression; previously there has not been an appropriate treatment for this. 

How does ICON System work?

The tooth surface is prepared with a 15% HCl gel to open the pore system of the lesion body. Next, the surface is rinsed and dried. ICON infiltrant resin, which has a high penetration coefficient is applied on to the lesion and the material is light cured. No anesthesia and drill required. For detailed treatment, steps watch how we do ICON treatment in our office:https://www.implantkingdds.com/gallery/



For reference visit http://www.drilling-no-thanks.info/