Understanding TMD The TM joints are made up of the temporal bone of the skull (T) and the mandible (M) the lower jaw. The joint (J) they form is the Temporomandibular Joint which connects the lower jaw to the skull.  These joints are located in front of the ears and allow the jaw to open and close, move side to side, forward and backwards. Unlike other joints of the body, these joints move in unison. When one or both are not functioning properly, it is referr... read more

Intorducing ICON  -  the revolutionary, pain free tretment of incipient carier and white spot lesions without drilling!                                                                 ICON can be used to treat the onset of early cavities both between teeth as well as on the "smooth surfaces" Until now, dental professionals had only two options for treating caries: flouride and other reminiralization therapies, and "drill and fill" approach. Flouride therapiy is not always effective in advanced stages. Filling almost always sacrifies significant amount of healthy tooth structure.               ... read more

                                                                                                                                                                            MYOBRACE - THE TRAINER SYSTEM             Over  the last 20 years Myofunctional Research Co. have developed orthodontic appliences to improve the dental and facial development of children from 5 -15 years of age, using myofunctional orthodontic technique instead of traditional orthodontics.  This technique not only straightens teeth ( often without braces ) but also treats the cause of crooked teeth and incorrect jaw develo... read more