Patient’s chief complaint: This patient did not like her lower front teeth and wanted her them to be straighter. Initially the patient was not concerned about her upper teeth, but when Dr. King explained to her that he needs to move the upper teeth to a better position before he moves the lower teeth, she decided to do both the upper and lower arches. Goals of treatment : To open the patient’s bite while straightening her teeth. Duration of treatment : The entire process took under 14 months and our patient is very happy with the result that has been achieved. Before: After: ... read more

Cracked teeth can happened for various reasons - trauma, decay, or because of issues with the previous restorations. Cracks do not always lead to the loss of the tooth. If the tooth is so badly damaged that restoring it is not an option, an extraction would be necessary. In this case, a dental implant can help you to regain your self-confidence and your smile. A dental implant replaces the entire tooth, including the root, giving you a permanent tooth that is completely natural in appearance. Dental implants are the most significant dental innovation of our generation and the best long term s... read more

Six Month Smile

Patient Info: 48 years old, Female Patient’s Chief Complaint: Patient requirements were to correct the position of the lower teeth, as well as to improve the overall alignment of the upper teeth. Assessment & Evaluation Prior to Treatment: moderate crowding, uneven lower teeth. Treatment: The Six Month Smile orthodontic system was used to straighten the patient’s teeth over a 9 month period of time. After 9 months, the patient was very happy with the aesthetic improvements and the braces were removed. Retainers were placed to keep the teeth in the newposition. Before treatment After treatment... read more

Patient Info:26 years old, Female Patient’s Chief Complaint: missing tooth due to trauma, spaces between lower teeth, uncomfortable bite. Assessment & Evaluation Prior to Treatment: missing upper central incisor, mandibular anterior spacing. Treatment: We first leveled and aligned both arches with orthodontic brackets leaving enough space to replace the tooth lost due to trauma. Once everything was positioned appropriately, a bridge was fabricated to replace the missing tooth. An implant was not an option to replace her tooth in this particular case due to the extensive bone grafting that wou... read more

Patient Info: 24 years old, Female Patient’s Chief Complaint : Open bite, severe crowding, never smiles in photos. Assessment & Evaluation Prior to Treatment : Severe crowding, constricted maxillary arch, tongue thrusting habit. Treatment: First, we widened the maxillary arch with a screw appliance (banded Hyrax) to create space. Patient wore appliance for six months, then wore traditional brackets and wires in varying sizes for approximately nine months. Patient also wore rubber bands on front teeth to close the bite. Patient did not want orthodontic surgery to correct the open bite. Patient... read more