Root canals unfairly get a bad reputation. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a patient groan at the prospect of a root canal. “I heard root canals are so painful,” says the patient. The reality is that the root canal therapy/root canal treatment is the “good guy” and is what brings relief to the patient. By removing the nerve from the tooth and filling the canals with a material called gutta percha, all sensation to the tooth has been eliminated. If you have an active infection (abscess), antibiotics may mask the symptoms; however, once the antibiotics have run their course, the in... read more

People are walking around every day completely unaware that there is a cracked tooth in his/her mouth. Why? This is because cracked teeth do not necessarily hurt. We see cracked teeth in our practice every single day. Sometimes it’s during routine hygiene appointments, because the tooth has broken, and other times it’s because it hurts when the patient chews or eats crunchy things. This phenomena is known as “cracked tooth syndrome”. According to the publication Dental Economics , problems related to cracked and fractured teeth are the third leading cause of tooth loss after caries (cavities)... read more

A dry mouth is not just a nuisance. Yes, it makes it more difficult to talk and even chew your food. It can even cause bad breath. You may wake up with your mouth glued shut or your lips stuck to your teeth. You may have dry lips/throat, mouth sores, or perhaps a burning sensation on your cheeks or tongue. Dry mouth can even be a sign of untreated diabetes and uncontrolled high blood pressure. All of these are signs that you likely have a dry mouth. Dentally speaking, dry mouth is mostly an issue because it causes (and even speeds up) tooth decay! Every 30 seconds, your mouth undergoes an aci... read more

Pull aside any adult and ask them what George Washington’s teeth were made of. Odds are most of them will say “wood.” And while they’re not entirely correct—his dentures actually included different replacement materials like human teeth, animal teeth, ivory and metal alloys—that example goes to show just how prominent false teeth have been in mankind’s history. For centuries, we’ve been using various materials to turn half-smiles whole. Porcelain , for example, has been used since the 1700s—and while it remains a popular choice for many dental applications, technology has allowed us to offer ... read more

While the link between digestive health and our overall health has been established over the years, the role of oral health is worth exploring. Your oral health can help determine your overall health. All kinds of good and bad bacteria can enter through the mouth. What we eat impacts our teeth and gums as much as it helps digestion. What is the digestive system? The digestive system comprises of the gastrointestinal tract which connects a few organs in your body. These include the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines and the anus. The gall bladder, pancreas and liver area also part ... read more