Before we begin, we have to warn you; this list will contain some crowd-favorite foods, the inclusion of which will surely elicit a groan! Most of the foods on this list are spicy and delicious and easy-to-access. They offer a sudden burst of energy for a short amount of time. They’re also affordable to boot. On the other hand, others are on the list because they’re essentially sugar on a stick. Either way, it’s a proven fact that all of the foods listed below can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums! List of Bad Food for Oral Health Citrus drinks and fruit drinks Coffee Sweet, sticky foods lik... read more

Who knew having ice cream could be so painful? The last time you had a bowl of your favorite Rocky Road, the pain was… intense, to say the least. Upon closer inspection, you notice that your teeth are a bit brown on the edges. Is it something you ate, or are these the symptoms of something worse? The answer is simple: cavities! Dealing with Cavities the Right Way Before you start feeling embarrassed about having cavities, know that you’re not alone. Virtually every American has dealt with some sort of tooth decay ; that’s very concerning. Cavities are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes... read more

Innovation in the tools used in dentistry has introduced us to lasers as the latest technology to be used in dental procedures. This minimally invasive procedure provides an easy and relatively painless solution to gum diseases, cavities and other oral problems. It has been used in dental practice commercially for almost thirty years. The popularity of this procedure is due to the fact that it is a relatively more comfortable solution to various dental procedures for hard and soft tissue as compared to drills and other tools. How do lasers work? LASER is an abbreviation for ‘ light amplificat... read more

Root canal therapy is also known as endodontic therapy and is a well known solution for those who have infected teeth. It can also protect you from future infections. This dental treatment takes place in the pulp of the tooth which is called the root canal. Hearing the words root canal therapy from your dentist may scare you at first, especially if you have never gotten the treatment done before. It can be very daunting to undergo this procedure, especially if you know very little about it and are fearful of experiencing pain. We have compiled the necessary information for you before your fir... read more

How many of us have looked at someone with a bright smile and envied them for having perfect white teeth? When we lose milk teeth and they’re replaced with adult permanent teeth, they tend to be pale grey or yellow. Over time, due to our diet and other habits the enamel on the teeth can wear out, and it leaves behind a dull layer of behind. Foods like coffee, tea, grape juice or highly acidic fruits like tomatoes can leave behind stains. Smokers tend to also have a thicker layer of plaque on their teeth and this can get tougher to remove as time goes by. Teeth whitening procedures have become... read more