About Us

Our Mission:
We plan to provide an outstanding level of dental care in a gentle and caring manner and to help all patients achieve the optimal level of dental health, which they deserve.

Our Philosophy:
Dentistry is neither a job nor a chore, we love it! Dr. King became a dentist to help people, and literally believes that "Going that Extra Mile to Make You Smile" is what makes our dental practice different. We believe that:

  • Visiting your dentist should be a pleasant experience, not a fearful or stressful one.
  • Having great dental care is useless if no one can afford it.
  • Getting an appointment should be fast, easy, and convenient.

Our Experience Ensures the Best Care for You:
Our office has over 38 years of clinical dental experience. Our doctors stay current with the latest dental techniques and materials, as well as the technology to apply them. Our staff seeks out the best and latest continuing education courses and goes above and beyond what the state requires for dental education maintenance. We follow strict adherence to OSHA guidelines to protect all dental patients. We see patients from all over Virginia, and we genuinely care about each and every patient we see.

We Make Dental Care Easy On Your Wallet:
In light of rising health care costs our office is always looking for ways to make dental care affordable to most people. We do this by keeping costs down and we pass this on to our patients. We accept all insurance and most credit cards. Easy and flexible financing is available through Care Credit, which features no interest payment plans and extended payment plans.

Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 5:00pm

Special early and late hours are available to patients with either busy or difficult schedules. Please feel free to contact us for further information or fill out the appointment form to schedule an appointment.

What You Can Expect on Your First Visit:
At your first visit you can expect a very thorough and comprehensive exam. We will listen to you and address your dental needs. Our dentists will perform a cancer screening exam, a gum assessment, a head and neck exam, and a thorough medical and dental examination. We will check for gum disease, tooth decay, and soft and hard tissue cysts in the jaws. Radiographs will be taken and a diagnosis will be made. A treatment plan will be reviewed with you as well as all fees and insurance coverage prior to beginning your treatment.